Getting a Good nights’sleep!

As someone with over 35 years experience in the bed trade.  I am often asked what are the best things that can be done to insure a good nights sleep?

Everyone is different of course but it is the same few vital factors that often get ignored!

Here are my top five tips!

  1. Obvious really- Is your room dark enough? your body has a built in instinct to sleep when it is dark so any light areas in your room will naturally make you feel more awake.  Pay particular attention to glow lights on televisions and other electricals they can be a real nuisance.
  2. Disturbances – The dreaded mobile phones and tablets etc… We all use them these days but can you ever be truely relaxed with these items beside your bed waiting to disturb you any minute.  TOP TIP invest in a non ticking alarm clock and your sleep pattern will improve straight away
  3. Temerature- Getting this right can be tricky!  Best to start with the type of bed you require.  Memory foam offers a great comfort level but can be a little warm.  The urge these days is to look for beds with natural fillings that are cooler, but of course the thermostat in the bed is you so the best way to control heat is to have layers at hand to put on if needed.  Controversially I do not believe there is a need for hot water bottles or electric blankets in today’s centrally heated homes.
  4. Avoid cluttering up the bed with loads of cushions or toys!  Use as much of the sleep area as you can to get comfortable.
  5. Dont eat within about two hours of going to bed if you can help it!  This is the one I usually fall down on!  But if you can avoid that late snack your body will accept sleep much quicker

There we are 5 simple ways of getting more sleep!  I bet you have heard them before and some you will think do not affect you!  But is that true? Why not give them a go- What have you got to lose?

This post was prepared by Steve Sweet Dreams Showroom Manager